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Alberta Metal Works uses Hydefinition© Plasma Cutting tools from Hypertherm, which offer high precision, near laser quality edge finish, that can produce parts fast and efficiently at a competitive cost. Cutting capabilities include mild steel sheet metal products up to 2” thick, and some stainless steel and aluminum sheets. Alberta Metal Works can provide cut parts or raw sheet stock for projects. We are always up for a chat about your projects big or small and are eager to help you move your projects along.

Plasma Etching

In addition to plasma cutting, we also can offer plasma etching. This will provide a very light outline of fold marks, weld lines, part numbers, hole centres and any other markings that will improve the speed of fabrication once parts arrive at your shop

Bending (aka Forming) – Using a high precision CNC brake we can bend your parts to tight manufacturing tolerances. Formed parts incorporated into your designs will ultimately save you time and money in the fit-up and welding processes as well as add a level of sophistication to your end product. Consult our team to see how forming can be incorporated into your fabrication program.

Our Durma press brake is 12 feet long and has a capacity of 246 tons. Our machine has full 6 axis CNC control. Using Durma Laser hardened tooling allows us to get highly repeatable, quality bend. This machine is ideal for most CNC bending.

Part Drawings, drafting and other services – Not sure how to get the parts you want? All parts eventually become digital CAD files, but they can start with a sketch or cardboard cutout. Our capable team will help you turn your ideas into parts using our own internal tools or if necessary connecting you with one of our highly skilled specialist in 3D design or optical scanning. Our network is broad, so ask us your questions and we will help you find the answers.
In addition to making all your designs and parts right here in Cochrane Alberta Canada, we do some original work of our own. While we are not artists, we do know metal and fabrication really well. These skills help us produce our own line of fire pits, privacy screens, benches, garden boxes, monograms, planters, decorative metal signs, and other types of metal art. Further we can customize metal signs with names, numbers, logos and even custom images. Click to see our full product offering or go to our web store to see everything we offer. AND if for some reason you can’t find what you are looking for – CALL US – we would be happy to customize any of our pieces for your specific needs. Get your metal signs here Canada.
We often get asked for other services relating to metal fabrication. AS a result we have established a large network of contractable trades people and services that we can work with to bring life to your project. Welding, sandblasting, painting, powder coating, installation services to name a few. Go ahead and try us – if we can’t help you directly we will find someone that can.
Materials – LOTS AND LOTS OF MATERIALS – every kind of metal product available though our vendors is available to you, for pick up, from our convenient Cochrane location. Structural steel, flat bar, pipe, tube, angle iron, HSS, sheet metal goods, rebar, mesh, expanded metal, stainless steel sheets, aluminum sheets, checker plate, tread plate – yep all of that stuff delivered weekly by order to a Cochrane location – never go to the city for project material again! Its like a supermarket  for metals.

Gas – So much GAS – We are partnering up with Messer Canada the largest gas supplier in North America. Now you can get you compressed gas products right from our depot in Cochrane. Bottle leases and sales will be available. Delivery is available for a fee depending on location. Welding Gas, Argon, CO2, Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, helium, shield gases of all kinds. Tank sizes from A to K.

Products in our store:  Welding filler metals, welding consumables, stick electrodes, MIG, TIG, bolts and related fasteners, shop supplies, welding clothing, welding beanies, spray paint, grinding and cutting abrasives, zip ties, strut products and related hardware, threaded rod, helmets, wire, rods, tools, etc, etc.

Our offering  catalog is bigger than my grandmas phone book collection. Check out the offerings on the Web store or send us a DM and we will figure out how to get what you need.

Cochrane Alberta is also an easy and convenient location for anyone in the surrounding area including NW Calgary, Bragg Creek, Cremona, Canmore, Banff, Exshaw, Kananaskis, and Springbank.

About Us

We are the only local Cochrane and area steel service center, specializing in cutting and bending plate materials for manufacturing, construction, commercial and industrial applications, agriculture, and residential applications. Our equipment can cut material from 18GA thru 2” and we carry stock in many thicknesses. We can assist with stainless steel and aluminum projects. We work with models generated in the latest CAD programs to cardboard cut out and napkin sketches. Cochrane Alberta is also an easy and convenient location for anyone in the surrounding area including NW Calgary, Bragg Creek, Cremona, Canmore, Banff, Exshaw, Kananaskis, and Springbank.


How do I send a drawing?

Send us an email We prefer files in .DXF format with a PDF ready to cut, but we get a bit of everything. Send us what you have and if we can work with it we will figure out how to get it into a format that works with our processes.

I don’t have a drawing – just this napkin sketch?

Yep call or email us. Send a photo of your thing. Add some dimensions so we know what we are looking at. We will review and let you know how to proceed. We know people who can do this part really quickly.

What materials do you stock?

We carry stock in most thickness of Mild Steel from 18Ga to 2”. We carry sheets from 6 x 12 to 5 x 10 to 4x 10 and 4 x 8 depending on the sizes available in the different types of materials. If we don’t have it we can probably order it. We do offer aluminum and stainless products and cutting – consult with our staff on these materials.

What else can you get for me?

Products: Galvanized, mesh, structural, pipe, tube, welding consumables, gas, safety equipment, welding equipment – go click around the page to see our full offering

Services: rolling, welding, painting, powder coating, CAD drafting services, 3d optical scanning, 3d printing, and more.

How does pricing work?

Based on material and then complexity. We buy sheets of steel, and in some markup, charge for time to cut the part on the machine, add a bit of cost for the bending applications and then come up with a per part price which we provide to you in a quote. With our advanced top of the line machinery we can make the parts very fast and efficiently so you can focus your effort on other parts of your project. Try us and see how cost and time effective it can be.

How long does it take?

While we strive for same day production, sometimes it is just not possible. We have a small and dedicated crew that is determined to get you high quality parts quickly, but expect a one to two day for most small projects, a few days for larger multiple thickness/process parts, a week for large packages, and sometime more for special materials or procedures. We will do our best to tell you when you place your order.

Fastest plasma gun in the west!
Reasonable prices, always able to meet our time requirements and quality work.

Marcel Rivet
Lemar Tree Spades

Their ability to produce what we want on time and accurately has made us repeat customers.

Doug Fisher
North Rig

Alberta metal works has provided us with top quality parts and materials for two years now, allowing our business to be more efficient and productive. Every single piece be it industrial or artistic has been a perfect precision fit and I strongly recommend using them for all metal services.

Taylor Soles
Octane Fab Services

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